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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

♥ New MotherCare Stroller ♥

Sale NOW RM270 nett!!!

New Butterfly Stroller ,brand new in the box.
Available green color only.
Fold Size: 102 x 27cm
Height: 102cm
Item Weight 6.8kg
Package Weight: 8.1kg
Package size: L103x W48 x H96cm
Suitable for babies over 6 months up to 25kg load
Removable landang in front of stroller, adjustable seat to different angles, with UV sunroofs, with 17 x12cm wide top oval-shaped transparent roof. Stroller is easy to fold and carry around.
This stroller features:
1. Strong Iron
2. 5-point safety harness for maximum security.
3. Foot-operated parking brakes.
4. Carry handle for easy portability.
5. Lockable, front swivel wheels.
6. Four position reclining seat.
7. Adjustable leg rest.
8. Suitable for babies 6months and older.
9. Holds up to 25kg.
10. Large debris basket under the seat for easy storage.

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Siti Rohayah said...

minat..camne nk booked n order??