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Thursday, June 21, 2012

♥ Baby Doll Alive with Sound & Light Even Can Cry ♥

The new Baby Born doll is one of the most popular gifts at the moment with inredibly realistic functions including the actual use of the potty!
Little Baby Born enables a particularly realistic role play of mother and child. No batteries are required for any of the eight life-like features: she can drink, wet her nappy, eat and use her potty, cry and squeak, is very flexible and may also be bathed.
The wide range of baby born accessories enables Baby Born on the one hand to be the little baby, who needs plenty of attention, but on the other to be a friend, who gradually grows with her owner. The varied accessories, from the princess or swimming sets, to the raincoat or snowboard, keep providing new themes and playing ideas.
Very Hot~~~
Clearance Sale, RM99 nett!!!
hurry up~~~

eyes can blink,lachrymation,with bedpan,relieve the bowels w music n light!!!
baby born really drink n eat food! after she drinks or eat its time to change her wet diaper!
put a bottle inside the baby born doll mouth,juz shake a bottle few time,
wow~~~she really can drink herself!!!
NOW 2 design available!!!
Flower dress n pink dress...

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